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Link to the article: Cannonball Memorial Run Honors Virginia State Police Trooper Lucas Dowell during final stop of the 2019 cross country drive. This was the third time Cannonball Memorial Run has made a stop to honor a Virginia State Police Trooper…it is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices and reality of this noble profession. The emotions were raw and it was a significant stop in that Trooper Dowell was killed only two months prior.

Cannonball Memorial Run team drives 2,200 miles for charity

By Daymond Steer | April 13, 2018
The Conway Daily Sun

CONWAY — Four Carroll County Corrections officers had a successful 2018 Cannonball Memorial Run trip earlier this month to raise for money for the families of murdered law enforcement officers.

The officers are Lt. Michael Baker, Sgt. Justin Corliss, Sgt. Jonathan Duguay and Sgt. Christopher Fiandaca.

Starting out from New Hampshire on April 5 and arriving April 8 in Washington, D.C., they delivered plaques along the way to three agencies that experienced losses of personnel in the line of duty: the New Kensington (Pa.) Police Department, the Westerville (Ohio) Police Department and the Baltimore Police Department.

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Third Cannonball Memorial Run, started by San Bernardino sheriff’s sergeants, departs from Redondo Beach

By Nathaniel Percy | April 5, 2018
San Bernardino Sun

Jason Hendrix, a sergeant in the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, held back tears as he considered the risks involved in his profession.

“Every day, officers put on the uniform not knowing if they’re going to go home to see their families,” he said Thursday morning at the Portofino Inn in Redondo Beach.

Shot eight times during a shootout in Palm Desert 22 years ago, he remains on the force.

Others are less fortunate, and Hendrix and others want them remembered, and their families helped.

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Why I'm Riding With the Cops on the Next Cannonball

By Alex Roy | SEPTEMBER 27, 2017
The Drive

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the cops organized their own Cannonball Run? I’ve been wondering since I was ten years old, and that was the real reason I wanted to be a cop. After all, they can drive as fast as they want. Right? Law enforcement is supposed to be the enemy of all things Cannonball, so you can imagine my surprise when two men who claimed to be officers from California hit me up last year on Facebook, asking what I thought about what they were doing.

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